About GHC


Gil Haugan Construction is built on a foundation of hard work and honesty and we are dedicated to building and maintaining client, employee and community relationships. These relationships along with our depth of experience, knowledge and integrity give us the ability to add value to projects by maximizing quality at the most competitive cost.

Your project success is our goal.



Gil Haugan Construction is steadfast in its commitment to safety. Project schedules are getting tighter and keeping laborers working productively in a safe environment is a constant challenge. Many times multiple trades and their respective equipment are in the same area, so we require our subcontractors to perform at the same level of safety as our own labor force.

Our Safety Program includes a safety policy manual, OSHA training, weekly site safety talks and a safety oversight committee. In addition, we believe scheduling, on-going open communication, and common sense is key to accident prevention.

Our safety efforts, are evident in Gil Haugan Constructions EMR. Our lowest rate in recent years is .56 and it remains below the 1.0 national average today.


The objective of the devoted staff at Gil Haugan Construction is to provide the best technical proficiency, equipment, and creative solutions on every project. Our team members are specialists that put their knowledge of local and regional conditions to work for you. We put the same passion that drives you toward your goals into your project.

Owner's recommendations are important, but we are firm believers that the way an employee views our company speaks volumes. They see all sides of the company from the inside out. If we can make fans out of them, we are certain that we can make any owner a raving fan.

We took a survey conducted by a separate organization and here is what they found out about what some of our people had to say.

"I have been employed by three other companies similar to GHC and feel that Gil Haugan is the most honest, dependable and qualified company around. They go above and beyond to help the owner reach their goals and stay within budget. [If you look at] the buildings GHC has built I believe they stand out above the rest."

"I trust the companys integrity. I know that I work for a company with experience and they have great working relationships with their clients."

"The one thing I most like about my job at Gil Haugan Construction is the people I am able to work with. We have a great team of workers at Gil Haugan and each one brings their strengths to the company. I enjoy working in a family owned company where we are small enough to know each other but big enough to handle even the largest projects."

"Gil Haugan Construction would be the best choice because they offer a highly qualified and dependable staff. They maintain numerous personnel with over 20 years of dedicated work with GHC. I believe this loyalty says a lot about this company. And members of GHC are committed to control costs, so we can be one of the most competitive companies in our area."


Since 1960 Gil Haugan Construction has forged a reputation of exceptional workmanship, trust and experience. It was earned on the job by our dedicated staff and crew whose depth of experience in the construction history is unparalleled. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the technical proficiency, equipment and creative solutions needed to make your project a complete success. Every effort is made to bring even the most demanding job in under budget and on time.

Within the office staff, Gil Haugan Construction has well over 200 years of combined experience and many employees have been with the company since inception. Depending on work schedule, we employ 75-150 of the area's best and brightest in the industry.

Our success has resulted in loyal employees and respect from competitors, propelled our abilities, and further afforded the company a reputation of excellence in the construction industry.


gil sr and iola haugan

On September 1, 2010, Iola Haugan passed away after 51 years of marriage to Gil Haugan, Sr. Together, Iola and Gil started Gil Haugan Construction one year after their marriage. Iola handled everything with the business and Gil, Sr. took care of the actual construction work. Before the times of accounting and document management software, Iola recorded and tracked all business records in her hand-written notebook. These records were always complete, up-to-date and done this way for over 30 years.

Her honesty and integrity with owners, architects, subcontractors, and suppliers was well-known. Iola always knew which payment was due, who it was due to or from, and if it was not due she knew why. Tough, but fair, was commonplace.

On June 19, 2014, Gil Haugan Sr. passed away at the age of 81. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the Korean War and earned the Silver Star and the Korean Service Medal with 3 stars before returning home to Sioux Falls to begin his career in construction. Gil started out as a mason and iron worker before starting Haugan Masonry which later became Gil Haugan Construction.

For Iola and Gils small business to grow and become one of the top contracting firms in the area, it took enormous hard work and dedication. Their strong bond allowed employees to believe in the companys potential, and clients to believe in the companys ability to complete a project successfully.

Gil Sr. and Iolas principles of hard work, honesty, and integrity drive Gil Haugan Construction today.

To know our past is to know our future.


Dell Rapids Library

"[The GHC team] took ownership of this project from day one and demonstrated to us their commitment and interest in delivering a successful project.. Theyestablished a solid trust with our board and with the City Administrator. Issues and concerns that arose during construction were handled not just professionally but with concern for our goal to have a successful project. I can state that we were provided the information we needed to make decisions and that [the GHC team] were always looking to do the right thing.

Tom Early, Dell Rapids Carnegie Public Library

"We have found Gil Haugan Construction service and warranty work exceptional. The people are easy to work with, the pricing fair, and the projects complete on time."


"The City was lucky to have such a good contractor on this project (The Washington Pavilion). Their capability of furnishing appropriate manpowerand equipment surpasses the needs of most major projects."

The Winkels Group

"Another contractor was the apparent low bidder, but because of our knowledge of Gil Haugan Construction, we selected them to do our project. We have not been disappointed in making that decision. For anyone looking to hire a construction company, I would recommend Gil Haugan Construction."

Pipestone County Commissioner, District 4

". Went above the call of duty' to make this project a success. I would recommend Gil Haugan Construction without reservation, for the most particular and demanding construction project."

Eros Data Center

"My first experience with Gil Haugan was in 1979 at a company I was previously with for 18 years. We used them for 5 separate major building expansions throughout my career there, and their service was great. When I started my company in 1999, I chose to use Gil Haugan as the builder because of the caliber of service I had seen them deliver time and time again. The only thing that had changed at that time was that the ownership had been passed to Gil Jr., but the culture remained the same. I have used them over the last 7 years on 4 major projects and they have always done an excellent job. They stand out with their excellent communication, their follow-through and they hit the dates right on target! I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them for any commercial project. They have the knowledge and experience to handle anything. When you are working with Gil Haugan, you are working with a first rate builder."

Tony Bour, Showplace Wood Products