At Gil Haugan Construction we offer many services to meet the needs of your project. Contact us to discuss how we can best help make your project a reality. Summaries of some of our major services are included to give you more information about our abilities.


The Construction Management project delivery system is used to engage the builder in the construction team and oversee some or the entire project. An Owners business becomes Gil Haugans focus to understand and incorporate into our construction management approach. It is valuable resource for an Owner to gain cost, constructability, and scheduling input early in the design phase. As the design evolves, GHC can provide cost estimating checks and offer cost reduction solutions.

Construction Management(CM) is typically offered in one of the following three forms:


Under this delivery method, the CM acts as an extension of the owner's staff and manages the work of all prime contractors who have direct contracts with the owner. An agency CM typically does not self-perform trade labor work on the project. This is the preeminent CM delivery for public sector work.


This agreement is used most often in the private sector, and combines the responsibilities of Agency CM with the financial risk for the construction cost of the project. In this case, the CM prepares a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) at some point prior to the start of work. In this delivery system, the trade contractors typically have contracts with the CM.

job site blueprint review


This is essentially Agency CM except that it provides the CM with the opportunity to competitively submit a bid for portions of work. If the CM is awarded the bid, then it will be allowed to perform that work under a separate contract with the owner. This method provides an advantage in schedule and quality control. While this form has not gained wide acceptance in the public sector, increasing numbers of owners are discovering this is a viable, effective method once the competitive aspects are understood.

As a Construction Manager, Gil Haugan Construction strives to explain the steps and guide an Owner through cost/scheduling/constructability items during planning, construction, completion, and post-construction phases.


Good Samaritan National CampusGood Samaritan National Campus

Design-build is a project delivery method where one firm holds the contract for the design-built team providing design and construction services.

This difference of design-build from other delivery methods fosters collaboration and teamwork to accelerate the project schedule and reduce overall cost. The phrase fast-track construction is usually associated with design-build. Fast-track construction requires a clear, focused vision of the project between the Owner and design-build team. Essentially, the design is scheduled ahead of construction to allow for procurement of materials and equipment. Both design and construction schedules are compressed, and there is little room for error or delay. The upside is the Owner benefits from the accelerated schedule and begins operating sooner.

Gil Haugan Constructions philosophy that facilitates design-build is teaming with designers, suppliers, and subcontractors who share similar values honesty, integrity, responsive, and responsible.


washington pavilion

General Contractor is the most traditional project delivery method. Normally, an Owner has plans and specifications ready to bid. Whether publicly bid or bid by invitation, Gil Haugan Construction provide an aggressive bid. This traditional method attributes to 50% of GHCs work load, the balance is secured through the Construction Management (CM) process. GHC excels working with an Owner post-bid to determine cost saving solutions or Value Engineering options. Gil Haugan works with the apparent low, responsive, responsible bidder to offer more cost effective materials or equipment that are of equal quality.

After any cost saving solutions are incorporated into the original design, GHC focuses on effective communication with the designer to reduce impacts of constructability issues. Responsive solutions from all parties are essential to meet the project schedule.


Over the years we have built Specialty teams to fill needs we felt were not being fully met in the area. We do this toensure that when we are involved in a project that we are able to complete the task efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

steel erection


steel erectionsteel erection

Gil Haugan Construction maintains multiple crews dedicated to steel and precast erection performing single or multi-story projects.




Gil Haugan Construction can provide crane, operator, and/or rigger service for your project. Our crane operators are NCCCO certified and our riggers are NCCCO certified for rigging and signaling.

laser screed


laser screed

Gil Haugan's concrete crews are supported by our concrete laser screed machines. Once finish floor elevations are set with our laser equipment, the laser screed improves our flatwork productivity significantly.

GHC has a walk behind screed for small-medium areas and a large, riding laser screed for medium-large areas.


casework shop staff

Gil Haugan Construction's Casework Division specializes custom designing and producing the following:

Commercial cabinetry wood, plastic laminate
Countertops wood, plastic laminate, solid surface with or without Seamless sinks
Display cases